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31st December 2013 09:14 | LAST COMMENT 704 weeks ago

Part Two 
Q: Do you agree the punishment with the model beforehand or does it stop if the model has had enough?
Well the answer is both! I spell out what the punishment will be before the model even arrives and they can choose whether to do it or not. Then, once the filming starts it’s up to me to get as much out the model as I can. The model is always in complete control and can of course stop for a break whenever they want. They could even abandon filming completely without any fuss if they wanted. Thankfully that has never happened. Sure there has been many times when I have sensed the model has had enough and I will then wind it down. 

Funnily enough it can also work the other way. There has been occasions where I have felt that the model has earned their agreed fee, worked well and taken a good spanking. So by rights I should stop. However, I get a sense that they could take more and that it would be an amazing movie if they did. So I have a conversation and basically offer to increase the fee if they allow me to continue harder and longer than originally agreed. An example of this would be Jack – Spanked HardFor Drunk Driving.

 Q: Can you arrange a suggestion blog!
Sure, it’s already done! Here's the link. 

Dale in Bubble Bath Blues ___

Q: We already have popular themes like Wait Till Your Father Gets Home. Do you plan to make new ones in the future?
Very much so! I am always trying to think up new ideas. One rough idea that is always there is to do more movies like ‘Locker Room Spanking’ with a tough resident coach to dish out the discipline! 
I still just need good access to a changing room set to make this happen!
Q: I didn’t think about this until after I saw the last vid of Andy after your trip to Germany. Some scenes have been more emotionally trying for the models than others; Andy in both meetings with the bath brush, Bailey and the bath brush (I see a pattern here), Karl and Liam in their individual Wait Till Your Father Gets Home movies. Andy especially, in that last vid, looked like he wanted to do nothing more than go hide. I am guessing you don’t just send them off with a hearty thanks so is there a way they are approached to help bring them down from the emotional storm?
Hmmmmmm, that is a tough one. I’m not so sure the guys get emotional from the actual scene, but they certainly can react to the intensity of the spanking. It is a two way thing too. I get rather fond of these guys and the efforts they make so I find it really tough to do the spankings that are going to really hurt (and for some time after too) so the whole shoot can be emotionally charged.
More often than not it is the guys that are reassuring me telling me to just go for it! As for the comedown so I don’t send them off in an emotional storm? Well I think you probably see that in most of the movies. They rarely end with Mr X/Dad or whoever still angry. So in the bath brush beatings Mr X will always rub some soothing cream onto their bruised buttocks afterwards. I think you can feel the situation calming down. Normally filming ends with me switching off the cameras and just thanking them and telling them how amazing they have been!
Q: Out of all the movies you have done, which ones are you most proud of and why?
I am going to choose two! Brother In Charge – Part One is the movie I am most proud of. The two brothers Andy and Patrick gave it their all and it was all very intense and amazingly performed. 
The other movie is probably the Real Punishment series with Sebastian. I never dreamed I would be filming real life situations with real life punishments. 
Bailey Bullies Apprentice Part 1
Oh, I’m going to choose a third one! Bailey Bullies Apprentice PartOne! That was really where it all started to take off for me. Bailey gives one of the best performances I ever recorded. Also I am not in it! But I was lying on the floor directing, feeding them lines and holding a camera!
Dam! This is difficult! I’m going to chose one last one. The movie Sebastian –’t Deal With The Guilt was also about 95% real! I asked Seb just before filming if he had any ideas as to what crime he could have committed to lead him being sent to Mr X . He then poured his heart out about his recent cheating and was so remorseful and upset I just said lets start filming and turn it into a movie. I thought the results were very real and intense.
Oh and I’m going to mention one other thing. I think I have spoken about this before but in the movie Oliver – Kissing Other Girls Mr X tells Oliver to remove his underwear. Now Oliver is not happy about this and asks if he could just pull the back of his pants down in order to retain some modesty. Now Oliver was not acting here, this was a genuine request to me, Dave (not Mr X) and I just responded by pulling his pants down and dragging him over my knee!
Oliver in Oliver Kissing Other Girls
Q: As Straight Lads Spanked has been going for a year now, how do you see it growing into next year?
Well lots of new models, new scenarios and hopefully new places to film with of course lots more with the old favourites! 
Q: How long have you been actively spanking and have your abilities developed over time or did you receive help from anyone to learn technique?
Well I have only been actively spanking since I started filming these movies! So just a couple of years now. I would hope my abilities have developed and that if they have you will see this progression in the movies. I would say my strength has improved! Not received any help at all other than occasionally watching other spanking movies.
Adam, Dom, Wayne and Harry about to play Spank Jenga
Q: When dealing with the models, has there ever been a time when a typical shoot may have turned into more due to the model crossing the line with their acting (meaning more attitude than welcome etc)
I’m not entirely sure I understand the question……. Let me answer like this though. The only movie I can think of where some kind of lines were crossed was with Peter – Exchange Student Spanked. Lets just say that this guy did not look at all like the photo’s he sent me and I was pissed off! So in this movie you are not seeing caring and kind Dave playing angry Mr X but you are seeing seriously pissed off Dave playing angry Mr X. So I really was spanking in anger and wanted to punish this dude for not being honest!
Karl spanks Ben in "The Humiliation"
Q: The models, from what "we" are guessing, run the age range between 18-25 (?). Are there any differences in how these are approached? Is it easier, let's refer to it as mentally, to spank the younger models?
It’s the opposite! I find it easier to spank the older guys. The older guys have life experience and lets face it, if you are a 25 year old straight guy that has decided to earn cash for shooting a movie with Straight Lads Spanked you can feel confident that they have a properly thought out that decision. So I find it easier to work with them and just get on with it.

Mr X with Bailey and Ben in Spanked Footballers
Q: What is the process of the shoot; how does it proceed, and how many scenes are shot in a typical session? 
It depends on a lot of things to be honest. If I am shooting with a model for the first time I will try and get two movies shot that day. So it would be a Mr X spanking and then something using an implement, more than likely a 36 lashes movie. Sometimes though I scrap the implement movie and add it into the Mr X scene, so for example, the lad might get some hits from the belt as well as a hand spanking. 
We never rehearse any script at all. I never know what I am going to say until the filming starts and I just tell the model to respond to me. Occasionally, I will ask them to change their response/attitude, for example, maybe they are being too sorry too early and I ask them to be a bit more cocky. That way we can see them change from confident young lad to really struggling when they are told to remove their underwear.
Q: Hi, you continue to make great productions. Are you able to say where you source your models from? And I'm intrigued, do they know the spanking is going to be as real as it looks and must feel? Some very red arses! 
Thanks for the kind words! It’s always nice to hear! Hmmmmm, so I used to advertise in various places for models but I have not done that for ages now. The models now just bring along their own friends or brothers! It’s just growing organically like that and it’s brilliant! So here is an insight for you! I think I actually get a better movie when an experienced model brings a friend along. An example would be Spanked Charity Thief – Dom and Adam – TheConclusion with Adam being the new model filming for the first time.
With Dom and Adam in "Spanked Charity Thief - the Conclusion"
So this is what happens. Dom has persuaded Adam to come and film (oh and of course Dom gets a small reward for finding a new model) Dom want to show Adam that everything is fine working with me and in a sense shows off. So I am actually able to spank Dom harder than normal as he wants to show off to his real life mate how much he can take! So then of course, Adam does not want to look like a wimp in front of Dom so I actually am able to go harder on him than I would do if he had turned up on his own and feeling nervous. The end result is that you all get a great movie with some very authentic spanking! 
As for them knowing it is going to be a real spanking? Well sure! I do tell them. I tell them in great detail how real it will be. The first time is always tricky as it is all new to them (hardly any of the lads have ever been spanked at all before) and they don’t know me and they clearly have a fear of the unknown. Of course, it might feel horrible at the time, but even a hard hand spanking will be a distant memory for them a few hours later when they are at home counting their earnings! 
So that means the second shoot will always be better. They turn up without the added fear of walking into the unknown, they realise it will hurt a lot at the time but also understand that nothing real bad will happen. There is a also a real competition amongst the guys. For example, Oliver (pictured) recently, finally agreed to film a bath brush beating movie. He had refused for ages. On the day of filming he said to me that since he was doing this he wanted it to be the best one ever and to do what it took to make that happen (he was still sore 5 days later)! _
Q: As a Scot (like myself), although you are obviously far too young to have had the belt in school yourself, do you think you might ever do a traditional Scottish punishment scene: the tawse on the hands? _
Well you are quite correct! CP was already banned by the time I went to School! So I never experienced or witnessed the tawse on the hands. Would I film one? To be honest I’m not sure! I don’t own a traditional tawse in the first place. I’ve never actually seen a hand lashing so am not even sure how it works (though I have an idea). Lets put it out there. If you would like to see the tawse used on the hands either leave a comment below or drop me an email [email protected]! ___
Q: Very unusual question, but I really want to know it! Dave, how big is your right hand in cm, length and width!
Well I did say I would answer anything so here goes! I have actually quite small hands! So it is 9cm across (I didn’t include my thumb) and 19cm from the tip of my middle finger down to my wrist! 
Who comes up with the stories? Is it you Dave or the model?
Well most of the time I come up with it all. But I always speak to the model before shooting about their real lives and experiences. Very often they come up with idea themselves. For example, in Tommy – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home it was Tommy who told me that in real life he got into trouble for not picking his younger brother up from school. I thought it was a great storyline so that is what we used!
The guys on your site look fantastic. It would be great to get to know a bit more about them.
Well, what I can tell you is this. That the majority of the guys that are on the website have never done anything like this before. They were not even looking for modeling work. They are just regular guys with regular lives. This is really important to me and moving forwards I just want to work with guys that you would have never seen anywhere else before.  _
However, if you would like to know more about the lads, I have some interviews and even some full length spanking movies which you can download free of charge here!
Well thank you Dave for talking the time away from spanking deserving lads to answer these questions!
Oh it’s my pleasure! I truly appreciate the support I have been given from JockSpank. You guys have been great right from the very beginning! It means a lot. But I also want to thank all the mm spanking enthusiasts out there who have been with me for this rather crazy journey! You are always so supportive and say such lovely things about my movies. I promise you that as long as you are all there encouraging me, I will keep on making these movies. _
As it happens, I have a special offer running right now. So if anyone is considering becoming a member, now is a perfect time to do it. Normally my rolling monthly membership package costs $39.95 per month. However, I have reduced it by $10 over the festive period to just $29.95. This promotion will end on January 3rd. This promotion is not mentioned on the website but you can get all the information you need by clicking on the link below:

Mr X gets back to work!




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